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Someone to help your Meeting
Run Smoothly

Now we’re all about providing you with the most unique and creative environment for your meeting, but did you know we can also suggest a meeting professional to make your session even more productive? Sometimes you just need some outside expertise or someone to keep things on track.

One of the best perks of working at the Ranch is that we get to meet some amazing and super talented professionals, many forging breakthrough techniques and customized approaches. They’re sharp, dynamic, personable, super committed and best of all, available for hire! Just give us a call and we’ll be happy to recommend the right individual for your meeting.


Types of Facilitation

  • General Meeting Facilitation
  • Team Building & Development
  • Creativity Workshops
  • Ideation/Brainstorming
  • Innovative Leadership Training
  • Communication
  • Diversity and Inclusiveness Training
  • Improving Sales Skills
  • Customer Service
  • Organizational Effectiveness
  • Graphic Facilitation
  • Modern Time Management Training
Brain on Art
Art is an essential discovery process that allows leaders to explore their creative potential, bring forth tacit knowledge, synthesize understanding, develop collaborative skills, and transform abstract insights into products in the physical world. By asking different questions, seeking different sorts of explanations, and looking at different points of view, art helps different answers emerge. With America’s global competitiveness hanging in the balance, the business community is a natural ally tothe cause of art. -Hamsa Thota and Harvey Seifter
Why do I need a facilitator? Read: Strategic Planning – 5 Dangers of Cheaping out 
on Hiring a Facilitator

Arts-Based Learning

For those willing to step slightly outside their comfort zone and apply an innovative Arts-Based Learning approach to address common workplace challenges, we’ve found some options that we promise will be effective against even the most blasé meeting attendee or the toughest team.

Jazz Improvization

Through hands-on interaction and the compelling performance of a world class jazz ensemble, learn the skills needed for improvisation, how jazz musicians mitigate risk, why improvisation is critical and how these principles relate to the interactive dynamics of your business.

Art Infusion

Add art making into the mix of your day in a series of purposeful exercises that require no artistic talents.


Learn improv techniques to help your team think and work like an improv group.


Use performance techniques used by professional actors to hone communication skills .

Art-Work Programs

Sign up for one of the Art-Work programs offered only through a collaboration between the Art Institute of Chicago and Catalyst Ranch. You get not one, but two facilitators.


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