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Resources at your Fingertips

We’ve pulled together some articles and videos that we think you might find helpful when planning your meeting or focus group.

Looking for more
inspiration & ideas?

Creative Juice: Catalyst Ranch's blog

Better Mettings

Dawn of the Right Brain Meeting by Jeffrey Cufaude

39 Ways to Improve Your Meeting

Meetology ® Laboratory 2012 Behavior Research Report - Does meeting face to face improve creativity in meetings compared to virtual meetings?

The Importance of Play to Innovation
by Braden Kelley

TED Talk – Stuart Brown: Play is more than fun

10 Ways to Help Left Brainers Tap Into Creativity
by Mitch Ditkoff

The Strategic Planning and 5 Dangers of NOT Hiring a Professional Facilitator
by Mike Brown

Teambuilding Energizes and Motivates

Importance of a Creative Physical Environment

Creative Space
by Peter Lloyd

Creative Meetings Happen in Creative Spaces
by Regina Baraban

Why I Think Catalyst Ranch Works
by Peter Lloyd

Trying to Spark Innovation?
by Dr. Laura Riggs

Improving Focus Groups

Running with Crayons
by Rebecca Bryant

How Focus Facilities are Reinventing Themselves
by Joel Reisch

Innovative Workplaces

I Wish I Worked There!

by Kursty Groves

6 Ways to Create a Culture of Innovation
by Soren Kaplan

Midlife Crisis
by Fred Moody

Creative Juice on the Loose

How to Unleash Your Creativity
by Peggy Orenstein

You Don’t Need to Be an Artist to Have Imagination
Eva Zeisel talks to O’s Lisa Kogan
7 Ways to Spark Your Creativity
by Anna Rabinowicz

Play. How It Shapes the Brain, Opens the Imagination, and Invigorates the Soul
by Dr. Stuart Brown, M.D. with Christopher Vaughan

Arts-Based Learning

Arts-based learning at work: economic downturns, innovation upturns, and the eminent practicality of arts in business
by Nick Nissley

Hopkins scientist finds link between neurobiology of music, language
by Mary Carole McCauley

Monet and the Art of Intent
by Michael O’Malley and William Baker

Things Go Better With Art

by Linda Naiman

Leadership Craft Leadership Art
by Steven S. Taylor

Teaching Cops to See
by Neal Hirschfeld

The Intersection of Art and Business
by Linda Naiman

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